Reward yourself with GOODcoins

How can you become more active, lower your Carbon footprint and be rewarded for it?  Using the “GOODcoins” app, it’s simple! Earn points for tracking your activity and redeem them for gift cards to your favourite stores including;  David’s Tea, Lush, or Toms. Choose from a selection of planet-friendly products or even donate to a charity you love!

Lush, GOODcoins, rewards, Iphone6, Up 24 byJawbone
These are the accessories I use (Up24 by jawbone, Iphone6), and as well the things I have purchased so far!

First things First. What is  “GOODcoins”? Well their website says “GOODcoins is a social currency and rewards platform developed by Zerofootprint® to reward GOOD actions with GOOD products”

In simpler terms, it is a rewards system that is based on your activity and the challenges you complete. Whether it be physical; walking, running, biking, or environmental; driving/electricity use.

You joining + completing the challenge = Free stuff/Donating to Charity

It’s simple. All you need is:

  • Compatible Smartphone (listed here)
  • A computer with internet access.
  • Anyone of the tracking devices (listed here)

I am going to explain how to set this up so you can be on your way to free stuff!  I can assure you it works as I’ve already redeemed 5000 coins on which I picked a $50 Lush gift card.

 Here is a little screenshot to see it in all its glory!

Lush, Gift Card, GOODcoins, rewards, redemption,
This is the $50 Lush Gift card that I was able to get with 5000 GOODcoins from completing challenges!

GOODcoins is available in Australia, Canada, U.K and United States. For my fellow Canadians you can visit and click Sign Up at the top right under the country flags.

For all others mentioned click your flag and then choose Sign Up.

GOODcoins SignupAnd I promise this wont be another thing that floods your email.

Here is where the fun starts!

You can now start earning GOODcoins by joining challenges and completing offers and surveys under the “Earn” tab in the top navigation bar.

In order to complete the challenges you have to track your movement. You can purchase a tracking device such as a Fitbit, Or Up24 by Jawbone for example.

More details about devices and compatibility can be found here

Once you connect a device (not all are required) you can begin tracking your walking, running, cycling, electricity use and/or driving depending on what your device is designed for.

If you don’t have the extra funds to buy one of these tracking devices, there’s good news! You can still measure the amount of walking and running you do with your Smartphone and the Moves App.

Now you have to make sure to join those challenges, complete surveys and other offers to reward yourself with even more GOODcoins.

F.Y.I challenges can range from day-to-day, week to week, weekends, every other week or for the whole month. These are all based in the activities discussed earlier and if you complete the challenges you will be rewarded with the coins it states at the time of joining the challenge.

This means you have a many opportunities to earn lots of GOODcoins quickly! This also means you have to check the challenges often or you may miss out.

Within the “GOODcoins” App you can set your own personal daily goals for each activity and view graphs displaying your daily and monthly results under the “Measure” tab in the top navigation bar. Within the App you can also see how much closer you’re getting to completing your challenges.

GOODcoins Challenges, rewards for activity
Here are just some examples of challenges you may be offered to complete.
GOODcoins Measure tab, GOODcoins, Tack your activity,
This is where you can see all of your activity.

Once you have earned enough GOODcoins you can then redeem them for people and planet-friendly products or donate to a charity you love by selecting “Shop” in the top navigation.

GOODcoins, rewards, Shop, Redeem Coins,
Here are just a few of the many items in the GOODcoins Shop

In the shop you will find all sorts of products ranging from health and beauty, to clothing, shoes, outdoor gear, electronics, gift cards and so much more. There is also the ability to donate to charity!

Go ahead, what are you waiting for? You know what to do! Sign up already! You will always be moving in some way, shape or form so why not get paid for it in GOODcoins?

Lush, GODcoins Rewards, Wiccy Magic Muscles, Massage bar, reward your activity
Wiccy Magic Muscles – Massage bar by Lush

This is not only benefiting your wallet, but it also benefits your health and this place we call home, Earth.


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