Maternity Photos with Jason and Sarah

As you may have seen back in November, I did a surprise gender reveal photo session with my friends Jason and Sarah. Well I had the pleasure of getting to visit them again and see their Nursery that they have completed awaiting the arrival of their baby boy expected April 8th 2015.

After getting some photos of the Nursery, we took some photos of the excited soon to be parents in their beautiful nursery. I am sure this little guy will be happy to have this room!

If you couldn’t tell, the theme for the room is Dinosaurs. They even found a really cute outfit that has little Dino claws on the feet! and they found the cutest baby Crocs, and some adorable alligator shoes.

I am so happy to say I have known this beautiful woman for about 20 years now. She is such a smart, and caring person. Anyone who knows her, is lucky to have her in their life! I know she will make an amazing mom.


After we completed the photos indoors, we took a drive to Victoria Park. Thankfully the weather had warmed up for us as we had just finished about a week of -30 Degrees Celsius weather. There were lots of people skating on the ice rink, and walking through the park; I think we were all taking advantage of the outdoors that day.

I am so excited for these two soon to be parents. I know they will be such great, loving and supportive parents. Congratulations again you two!


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