Owen, Emily, and Sully

My childhood best friend wanted to get some photos of her little boy Owen with his cousins; Emily, and Sully to be able to gift them for Christmas. The boys were more interested in the snow, and playing outside than having anything to do with getting their photo taken. Luckily, Emily was very cooperative and helped us with them.

The kids are so cute. It hard to not want lots of photos! They just wanted it to be done…

We ventured around Becky’s backyard since its so big, she has lots of nice trees as well. They at least had some snow there too. Here in London its still green!

I just had to get a photo of the two siblings for their mom!

Eventually the boys were done with having their photos taken, so Emily allowed me to get a few of just her.

And then it was play time! I love candid type photos way more! There is something about capturing that moment, which may never be duplicated again. It shows their personality and character so much more.

Isn’t he too cute for words?!

Thank you Becky, for allowing me to capture yours and your sisters babies! They are truly adorable.


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