Surprise Baby Gender Reveal Photo shoot

This past Saturday, I was given the honour of photographing my childhood best friend; Sarah’s, baby gender reveal.

It started out by her giving me an unopened envelope and inside was the gender written down a folded piece of paper. She had blue and pink coloured, star shaped confetti that she gave me to fill these little push poppers she had made from a D.I.Y.

After that we ventured out in the crisp autumn air to capture the special moment of the revealing of the baby’s gender.



Would it be a boy or a girl? The votes were in! Up until this moment only the Doctor and I knew for sure!



Once discovering that it was a boy and taking the time to obviously celebrate and revel in the moment, they went back to their car to warm up. I then took a moment to grab a few more photos of their props, and the baby’s first purchased outfit.


I then joined them in the warmth of the car and once we all thawed a little we went back out to snap a few more shots of the happy soon to be family.


Well there you have it! The secrets out. What a surprising and eventful day. Sending a big congratulations to Sarah and Jason on their news of a baby boy, expected April 2015!











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