Whitney Weds Adam – May 30th 2015

We started off the day bright and early with the girls getting their hair and makeup done. It was surprisingly warm for 8 am and the sun was shining beautifully! We were thankful that the thunderstorm we expected had held off.

Then it was the Bride’s turn!

I was then able to sneak off and get some of the groom getting ready.

The ladies and I met back at the location of the wedding so the Bride and Bridesmaids could finish getting ready.

It was then time to walk down the aisle and become Mr. and Mrs. D!

You may now kiss the Bride!

The beautiful bride greeting her guests.

Now its time to get the party started! It immediately down poured as soon as the ceremony ended. Thankfully we were able to take shelter in the dining tents they had put up for the wedding. There was a ton of beautiful flowers arrangements from the grooms fathers place of work, and lots of handmade items decorated the tables. Picture burlap and lace with mint green tablecloths and napkins. You would have never known you were in a backyard, a beautiful backyard might I add. They also had a photo booth with lots of fun props!

We were able to keep the families nice and dry with the beautiful patio provided by the Bride’s grandparents and then once the while the rain let up we took off to get some photos of the Bridal party.

Time for the first dances!

Now for some speeches, some laughter and a few tears. This is always the time when you find out the silly things the bride and groom did growing up. I always love hearing those funny stories.

They also had a candy bar! With gumballs, and rock candy suckers, chocolate eggs, jelly beans, War Heads, the list goes on! Lets just say the kid in all of us was very happy.


And of course we can’t forget the beautiful bride and handsome groom!

And then we danced into the night!


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