Jessa and Jose’s Engagement Photos

When Jessa contacted me about taking her engagement and wedding photos, I was so happy to say yes! I have known these two for quite some time now and its safe to say they are like a fine wine, they seem to just keep getting better!

We took to the Fanshawe Conservation Area as that is where they are getting married, so it only seemed fitting. We lucked out with an amazingly warm Autumn day. The kind that lets you take your sweater off and enjoy the sunshine! The leaves were pretty and the grass was still green!

The building where they are getting married has an interesting stone wall on the one side so we took advantage of it for an different background and change of scenery.

Jessa brought a Save the Date letter board so we took a few photos with that as well so she had different options to choose from 🙂

We took a walk down a path to get closer to the lake. The trees were still holding on to some leaves with colour but many had fallen as already.

Jessa’s ring is gorgeous! Black Onyx I believe? (forgive me if I’m wrong). Its very intricate and I love that its not the standard style that you would see since shes such a unique person, it suits her perfectly!

Best wishes to this wonderful couple! I can’t wait for the wedding!



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