Jessa and Jose’s Engagement Photos

When Jessa contacted me about taking her engagement and wedding photos, I was so happy to say yes! I have known these two for quite some time now and its safe to say they are like a fine wine, they seem to just keep getting better!

We took to the Fanshawe Conservation Area as that is where they are getting married, so it only seemed fitting. We lucked out with an amazingly warm Autumn day. The kind that lets you take your sweater off and enjoy the sunshine! The leaves were pretty and the grass was still green!

The building where they are getting married has an interesting stone wall on the one side so we took advantage of it for an different background and change of scenery.

Jessa brought a Save the Date letter board so we took a few photos with that as well so she had different options to choose from 🙂

We took a walk down a path to get closer to the lake. The trees were still holding on to some leaves with colour but many had fallen as already.

Jessa’s ring is gorgeous! Black Onyx I believe? (forgive me if I’m wrong). Its very intricate and I love that its not the standard style that you would see since shes such a unique person, it suits her perfectly!

Best wishes to this wonderful couple! I can’t wait for the wedding!



Adam & Catie’s Engagement session

I recently donated a session for a silent auction where all the proceeds were being donated to charity. A lovely lady won and gifted it to her newly engaged son so they could have some photos of the couple to use for things like save the dates and wedding invites.

Adam and Catie were a treat to work with! Even though they seemed a little nervous at first, they were ready and willing to follow whatever direction I gave.

We explored Ivey Park  as there were some beautiful gardens and walkways, we eventually ran into a few Pokemon players along the way. It seems to be a pretty popular spot.

The colours in the park were gorgeous so it was an awesome area to photograph in.

There was a neat stone wall underneath the bridge so we snapped a few there.

As the sun was starting to set we decided to take a walk on the bridge.

adamandcatie42 adamandcatie43

We went back to the gardens to grab a few more photos as it was getting busy in the main area of the park.

It was a pretty gloomy and overcast day over all, so I was so happy when the sun came out! We grabbed a few more photos in the warmth of the sun and then called it a night as it was almost fully set.

Thank you Adam and Catie for trusting and allowing me to capture some wonderful images of you two together!

Becky’s Maternity Photos

Becky and I had planned on doing maternity photos for quite some time. When we finally had the opportunity, it was on a day that it was going to rain and thunderstorm. Checking the forecast we could see the rain was coming around 1 pm so we quickly got everyone dressed and ready and headed out.


Thankfully I had some things planned because we literally had about ten minutes and it started raining halfway through.

Bec had brought some paint so we could do some gender reveal photos with Owen.

We were protected by the cover of the trees for a little while but the rain started to pour down so we had to pack up and leave quickly. We managed to grab a couple more shots just as it began to really come down.


Evan’s First Birthday!

Wow, I cannot believe this little guy is a year old already! It feels like yesterday I was taking photos of him still in mom’s tummy. Time flies and this is why I love photography, it allows you to look back at the past and bring memories back to life.

We filled Evan’s crib up with balloons! I think he enjoyed it. Mom decided she wanted to get in on the fun too.EvansBday043

Evan had quite the gathering of people for his first birthday, all of the grandparents were there. Even his aunts and uncles along with his cousins came as well to celebrate this special day.

After some visiting it was time for presents. Mom and Dad bought Evan a sweet new ride.


Don’t forget the most important part of Birthdays… the cake! They had a beautiful dinosaur themed cake and cookies, along with a mini cake for Evan to “smash”

The Birthday boy was more than ready to dig into his cake.

Once he had enough cake, it was cookie time.

Everything went well and I think Evan had an awesome day! By the end he was getting tired, and was done with having photos taken.

Happy First Birthday baby boy! Here’s to many, many more!

Alayna’s 3 Month Session

This little cutie was lots of fun! 3 months is such a great age… They are alert but not moving around too much. She has the most beautiful blue eyes.

Babies are fun to photograph because you never know what will happen, you cannot direct them, you just have to be willing look and sound super silly to get their attention.

Mom had a little knitted Minions outfit for her, she was basically sleeping at this point. She had her time and she was done.

This was probably one of my faves from the session, simple yet so pretty, I can’t wait to see this little one grow!Alayna024

Sara’s Family Session

Last fall I had the opportunity of getting some photos of my friend Sara with her boyfriend and son. I was lucky to be able to do the same this year. Its awesome to see families grow, and to be able to capture it is even better! Her little guy is growing up so quickly.

This time we had her brother join in the fun so we could get some updated sibling photos for their parents.

After getting some images of their little family, we got some photos of Charlie and Jordie playing with light sabers.

And then it was the siblings turn to battle!

We then took some more serious shots of Sara and her brother.

And some silly ones, they had brought Nerf guns along as well. Needless to say many foam bullets were lost to the leaves!

The tree we were near was magnificent, I had to get a photo!


We then ventured to another area of the park to take some more photos and then we headed home. It was a beautiful fall day!

Abigail and Kyle’s Wedding

When Abigail contacted me about photographing her wedding, she told me she would be getting married on Halloween day, and that they would be having a Masquerade themed wedding, needless to say I was so excited! The weather that day wasn’t the best it was a cool, dark day compared to the few days prior, but it was Halloween day, and we are in Canada! It almost always rains or snows that day, and of course it did end up raining.

Everything took place at Hotel Metro. A newer, very modern looking hotel in the heart of downtown London, Ontario. The room had a beautiful brick wall, and a very big window with a nice open concept. The ladies had their hair and makeup done in the room, and I snagged a few shots. The Bride handmade her and the Bridesmaids bouquets, I loved the colours! They were a nice pop to the neutral coloured dresses.

It was a very quaint and intimate Wedding with close family and friends. The ceremony was held in the Atrium of the hotel, its a very large open room with big windows at the top that lets in lots of daylight. They had a violinist playing their music for them. It was very sweet. They walked down the isle to Marry You by Bruno Mars. The backdrop was a handmade scroll that the Bride had made.

I was able to get some family and group photos for them inside the room before the ceremony, and afterwards in the Atrium since it was raining outside.

They had a nice sit down diner at Blu Duby the restaurant within hotel, along with the with their friends and family and some cute decor they had incorporated at their tables. They even had their own cute homemade Wedding Cake. I had the Bride and Groom sneak outside and bare the cool rainy weather for a quick “Thank You” photo.

Thanks for allowing me to capture your big day guys! It was a beautiful event and you were all gorgeous!

Best Friends… Not Always Human

When it comes to picking who would be your best friend(s), there are many things to consider.

Its obviously going to be someone you love to be around, and the feeling has to be mutual. It is usually a special connection and bond that you have together, that is different from any other. Almost as if at one point you had been separated from each other, then met up many years later only to pick up where you left off.

KaneWell, I believe we have the capability of forming that same bond with animals. Weather it be a Cat, or a Dog, or a Hamster. You end up creating a friendship that is unique between the two of you.

I have had many types of pets over the years. Mostly Dogs, and Cats, but you can throw in Hamsters, Birds, Rats, Fish and Turtles to that list as well. The one thing that remains the same,  you end up relying on one another, for many different things. From the pets point of view; you’re their parent. You are responsible for their food, home, cleanliness and socialization among other things.

From a human perspective, we see pets as an emotional connection; something to love and take care of. Hoping that animal will show us some kind of affection back. There’s nothing that beats a happy tail wagging, and kisses greeting you at the door when you come home from a rough day.

It has been scientifically proven that petting an animal releases positive endorphin’s in the brain, and as well they can be helpful in healing.

Saying goodbye to these friends is just as hard as it is if they were human. There is a void that cannot be filled. These photos of Kane (pit bull), were taken the day before he sadly had to be put to rest a few weeks ago. This week I had to say goodbye to my own family dog as well. It is never easy! Kane

R.I.P My 4 legged friends!

Glamour Portraits with Shannon

I had an itch to go out and just take photos for my own personal fulfillment as I have been watching and following a lot of glamour photographers lately like Sue Bryce, and I love the idea of someone feeling good about themselves as a result of my work. So the the day after Canada Day, Shannon and I met up at Harris Park to update some of her photos. If you recall our last get together was in the dead of winter and it was FREEZING! Needless to say we had to make up for the lost time, and what better way then with a portrait session!

We had a great time and it was a beautiful day! Shannon was awesome and brought a couple of outfits with her so we were really able to play around.

We then found a shadier spot and Shannon changed once again and this time it was more pixie like, added with the shady greenery she looked like she belonged in the forest.

I think these two ended up being my fave! They all turned out so pretty so its hard to pick just one! Thanks again Shannon for working with me and laughing along the way 🙂

Glamour Potraits with Shannon

Glamour Potraits with Shannon

A Few Portraits with Daveo

A friend and I decided to meet up and I wanted get some portraits. I had a particular vision in mind but this was all pushed aside when he showed up looking like a lumberjack. So we ended up taking some photos that were more woodsy and raw than my original idea. I am certainly happy with the outcome!

Captured in Westminster Conservation area London Ontario

It was a pretty humid day, so we didn’t trek around the forest for too long.Portrait of Dave

Portrait of DavePortrait of DavePortrait of Dave

All in all, it was a fun little get together. After all of that walking we were both thirsty, so like any good Canadian, we went over to Tim Horton’s to get something cold to drink and headed home.