Best Friends… Not Always Human

When it comes to picking who would be your best friend(s), there are many things to consider.

Its obviously going to be someone you love to be around, and the feeling has to be mutual. It is usually a special connection and bond that you have together, that is different from any other. Almost as if at one point you had been separated from each other, then met up many years later only to pick up where you left off.

KaneWell, I believe we have the capability of forming that same bond with animals. Weather it be a Cat, or a Dog, or a Hamster. You end up creating a friendship that is unique between the two of you.

I have had many types of pets over the years. Mostly Dogs, and Cats, but you can throw in Hamsters, Birds, Rats, Fish and Turtles to that list as well. The one thing that remains the same,  you end up relying on one another, for many different things. From the pets point of view; you’re their parent. You are responsible for their food, home, cleanliness and socialization among other things.

From a human perspective, we see pets as an emotional connection; something to love and take care of. Hoping that animal will show us some kind of affection back. There’s nothing that beats a happy tail wagging, and kisses greeting you at the door when you come home from a rough day.

It has been scientifically proven that petting an animal releases positive endorphin’s in the brain, and as well they can be helpful in healing.

Saying goodbye to these friends is just as hard as it is if they were human. There is a void that cannot be filled. These photos of Kane (pit bull), were taken the day before he sadly had to be put to rest a few weeks ago. This week I had to say goodbye to my own family dog as well. It is never easy! Kane

R.I.P My 4 legged friends!


Halloween Mini Photos and Family portrait session

On October 25th, I held a Halloween mini photo session. We had pumpkins, gourds, a skeleton, some witches brew, a cauldron… we had it all!


After getting some shots of the sleepy, 2 week old baby Marcus, we then had Mya come in who was dressed as “Princess Sofia” She was so cute and like all other kids, wanted to see each picture that we took right after we had taken it. After her insisting numerous times to take my photo; since I was taking hers,  I then let her take a few snaps of me with my phone just to make things fair. After all, we do teach kids to take turns so, that is what we ended up doing.

Once Mya and Marcus were all done, Charlie came along in his Iron Man costume. Charlie being such a super hero fan had received this costume as a gift for his 4th birthday in September, right then and there in the middle of McDonalds, he became Iron Man. So fast forward a few weeks and we’re almost at Halloween, Charlie was not very keen on having his photo taken. He was just not having it. Needless to say, we still made out with some great shots!



Once we finished with the Halloween photos, we headed over to Civic Garden for some family photos with Charlie’s family.


Summer Rose – Fall Photos 2014

I had a visit with my nice Summer Rose, and we decided to venture to Civic Gardens to take a walk around with her and her mom, as it was a beautiful fall day.

Summer Rose - Fall 2014

This tree was SO big and the colors were so inviting. I had to incorporate it somehow, it was just too pretty to not take a photo of. So I had Summer and her mom, Shantel, sit under the giant tree. I had to back up pretty far even with my wide angle just to get the majority of it in the shot.

Summer Rose - Fall 2014

You can see a little better in this photo, that the trunk of the tree is pretty enormous!

Summer Rose - Fall 2014

Summer did not want to leave the pond area! No matter what we tried she kept running back to it… she has fast legs for a little one. We were finally able to find something to distract her… Leaves!

Summer Rose - Fall 2014 Summer Rose - Fall 2014

She was having a blast running through all of the leaves and kicking them into the air with her little feet.

Summer Rose - Fall 2014 Summer Rose - Fall 2014

After a nice run through the leaves, we found a pretty teal coloured picnic table and so we took a little break.

Summer Rose - Fall 2014

After that, it was time to go. We all had a fun time trekking through the leaves, and the colours were so lovely as you can see from the photos.

Summer Rose - Fall 2014

“Okay Auntie… Enough photos! Can we go now?!”