Summer Rose – Fall Photos 2014

I had a visit with my nice Summer Rose, and we decided to venture to Civic Gardens to take a walk around with her and her mom, as it was a beautiful fall day.

Summer Rose - Fall 2014

This tree was SO big and the colors were so inviting. I had to incorporate it somehow, it was just too pretty to not take a photo of. So I had Summer and her mom, Shantel, sit under the giant tree. I had to back up pretty far even with my wide angle just to get the majority of it in the shot.

Summer Rose - Fall 2014

You can see a little better in this photo, that the trunk of the tree is pretty enormous!

Summer Rose - Fall 2014

Summer did not want to leave the pond area! No matter what we tried she kept running back to it… she has fast legs for a little one. We were finally able to find something to distract her… Leaves!

Summer Rose - Fall 2014 Summer Rose - Fall 2014

She was having a blast running through all of the leaves and kicking them into the air with her little feet.

Summer Rose - Fall 2014 Summer Rose - Fall 2014

After a nice run through the leaves, we found a pretty teal coloured picnic table and so we took a little break.

Summer Rose - Fall 2014

After that, it was time to go. We all had a fun time trekking through the leaves, and the colours were so lovely as you can see from the photos.

Summer Rose - Fall 2014

“Okay Auntie… Enough photos! Can we go now?!”


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