Evan’s First Birthday!

Wow, I cannot believe this little guy is a year old already! It feels like yesterday I was taking photos of him still in mom’s tummy. Time flies and this is why I love photography, it allows you to look back at the past and bring memories back to life.

We filled Evan’s crib up with balloons! I think he enjoyed it. Mom decided she wanted to get in on the fun too.EvansBday043

Evan had quite the gathering of people for his first birthday, all of the grandparents were there. Even his aunts and uncles along with his cousins came as well to celebrate this special day.

After some visiting it was time for presents. Mom and Dad bought Evan a sweet new ride.


Don’t forget the most important part of Birthdays… the cake! They had a beautiful dinosaur themed cake and cookies, along with a mini cake for Evan to “smash”

The Birthday boy was more than ready to dig into his cake.

Once he had enough cake, it was cookie time.

Everything went well and I think Evan had an awesome day! By the end he was getting tired, and was done with having photos taken.

Happy First Birthday baby boy! Here’s to many, many more!