Alayna’s 3 Month Session

This little cutie was lots of fun! 3 months is such a great age… They are alert but not moving around too much. She has the most beautiful blue eyes.

Babies are fun to photograph because you never know what will happen, you cannot direct them, you just have to be willing look and sound super silly to get their attention.

Mom had a little knitted Minions outfit for her, she was basically sleeping at this point. She had her time and she was done.

This was probably one of my faves from the session, simple yet so pretty, I can’t wait to see this little one grow!Alayna024


Glamour Portraits with Shannon

I had an itch to go out and just take photos for my own personal fulfillment as I have been watching and following a lot of glamour photographers lately like Sue Bryce, and I love the idea of someone feeling good about themselves as a result of my work. So the the day after Canada Day, Shannon and I met up at Harris Park to update some of her photos. If you recall our last get together was in the dead of winter and it was FREEZING! Needless to say we had to make up for the lost time, and what better way then with a portrait session!

We had a great time and it was a beautiful day! Shannon was awesome and brought a couple of outfits with her so we were really able to play around.

We then found a shadier spot and Shannon changed once again and this time it was more pixie like, added with the shady greenery she looked like she belonged in the forest.

I think these two ended up being my fave! They all turned out so pretty so its hard to pick just one! Thanks again Shannon for working with me and laughing along the way ūüôā

Glamour Potraits with Shannon

Glamour Potraits with Shannon

A cold February Portrait Session

So February 15th 2014 was an extremely cold day. However, my friend Shannon and I had previously made plans to get together for a photo session. After walking for about 10 minutes and then trudging down a hill through about 2 feet of snow we found the spot!

Shannon was a trooper! You wouldn’t know it from the photos but she was freezing… She certainly kept her composure and we were able to get some nice shots.

©Victoria Rose Photography ©Victoria Rose Photography


They say “no pain, no gain”… Well she sure is beautiful! So I think the pain was well worth it.

©Victoria Rose Photography ©Victoria Rose Photography