Baby Vaughn

I had the pleasure of meeting baby Vaughn a few weeks ago to get some new born photos. She has the most adorable bright red hair! Her mom bought her the most adorable knitted mermaid tail and seashell top.

I love the tiny fingers and toes that babies have. Its crazy to imagine being that small at one time. She looked so peaceful while she slept.

She is certainly precious!

Baby Vaughn


Welcoming Xavier!

I had the lovely opportunity of meeting with Ashely and Tom, and their wonderful new addition to their family; their first child, Xavier. I was able to grab a few candid photos while he was awake and we were chit chatting.

We then met up the following week to get some posed photos while he was sleepy, he sure did fight the sleepiness!

Eventually after some more snuggles and another bottle he finally settled and we were able to get some more photos of this cutie pie!

He sure is a heart melter! Love the tiny fingers and toes that babies have, its amazing how we start out so small and within a few years their walking and talking.

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